Advocates Program by Azuro

Nunoy Nungning
3 min readNov 28, 2023

Azuro is embarking on a mission to develop a trustless, fair, and community-driven infrastructure for the global betting and gambling markets.
To materialize its vision of establishing the first on-chain betting and gambling ecosystem, Azuro has introduced the Azuro Advocates Program.

Azuro Advocates Program, initiated by Azuro, aims to establish a trustless, fair, and community-driven infrastructure for the world’s betting and gambling markets.
This program is an integral part of Azuro’s mission to build the first on-chain betting and gambling ecosystem.
Participants in the Azuro Advocates Program can expect to play significant roles in shaping the future of the betting ecosystem, develop integrations on Azuro, and contribute to the Azuro DAO community.
The program offers opportunities for personal and professional growth within a decentralized ecosystem, along with token rewards.

Objectives and Opportunities in the Azuro Advocates Program🥑
The program is tailored for individuals passionate about shaping the future of the betting industry. As a participant, you can expect to

✏️ Play a pivotal role in evolving the betting ecosystem for bettors, liquidity providers, and developers creating interfaces and products atop Azuro.

✏️ Gain significant exposure and develop your personal brand within the fast-evolving decentralized ecosystem.

✏️ Engage in the development of integrations on Azuro.

✏️ Lead and support community initiatives for Azuro DAO, driving community and ecosystem growth.

✏️ Acquire a profound understanding of on-chain betting and the web3 ecosystem.

💎 Receive token rewards as part of your involvement

Expectations and Contributions 📖
As an Azuro Advocate, your journey will encompass

✔️Undertaking various tasks and missions, ranging from design to event management and product development, enhancing both personal growth and the growth of Azuro.

✔️Collaborating with the Azuro team, ecosystem participants, and fellow Advocates to achieve shared goals.

✔️Continuously learning and honing skills in a state-of-the-art technological environment.

✔️Contributing at your own pace with a focus on quality over quantity

Eligibility and Rewards 💎
To apply for the program, candidates should

🟢 Be passionate about Azuro, decentralization, betting, and blockchain technology.
🟢 Have exposure to web3 and/or betting audiences.
🟢 Possess experience in project work or ambassador programs.
🟢 Be committed to collaborating towards common objectives and fostering innovation in the betting industry

💷 In recognition of their valuable contributions, Azuro Advocates are rewarded with 1% of the total token supply from the Azuro project
(Supply for Azuro Advocates Program : 10 000 000)