Azuro is on the verge of introducing a revolutionary development in the GambleFI space

Nunoy Nungning
2 min readNov 23, 2023

Azuro is on the verge of introducing a revolutionary development in the #GambleFI space with its first fully on-chain live betting solution.

The testnet for this groundbreaking technology is set to launch in the upcoming weeks, marking a significant milestone not just for Azuro but for the entire domain of decentralized gambling.

The concept of live betting, also known as “In Play”, is pivotal due to its immense popularity in traditional web2 sportsbooks, where it accounts for approximately 80% of the betting volume. Bettors are drawn to the excitement and interactive nature of placing wagers in a live setting.

However, until now, a fully decentralized version of this experience has been lacking. This new solution from Azuro promises to fill this gap by offering a platform that ensures total control over liquidity, deposited capital, and the overall user experience.

In preparation for this, Azuro is urging all frontends and users to engage with the upcoming “Live Betting” testnet.

This initiative represents a unique opportunity, a first-of-its-kind in the decentralized world, that is anticipated to elevate the competitive edge of participants in this space.

Regarding the launch timeline, the “LiveBetting” feature, which allows loading live games and retrieving real-time updates, is available from today. In the days to come, Azuro plans to release “PlaceABet”, a feature that will outline the wallet interaction process, thereby completing the full suite of LiveBetting services.

This comprehensive approach is expected to redefine the landscape of decentralized betting, offering a new, dynamic experience to users worldwide.

Join the Azuro community today and discover the future of on-chain betting.

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