Discovering DApps Connected to Azuro

Nunoy Nungning
3 min readDec 5, 2023

Azuro, a global decentralized betting protocol, offers a diverse range of decentralized applications (DApps) that leverage its liquidity, pricing, and settlement features.

These DApps maintain autonomy over their user experience and interface, creating unique offerings within the betting and gaming industry. Here’s a look at some of the live and upcoming DApps connected to Azuro

1. bookmaker.XYZ
This is a prime example of pure on-chain betting. It operates without the need for logins, bans, or limits, fully utilizing Azuro’s open and permissionless markets and games.

2. BetSwirl
This DApp is at the forefront of transforming GambleFi within the Web3 space, bringing both excitement and transparency to the world of online gambling.

3. DexWin
Offering an immersive, instant, and secure sports betting experience, DexWin provides exclusive bets with attractive odds and high limits, all while allowing users to maintain full control of their funds.

4. JuicyBet
A decentralized betting platform that adds a touch of fun and excitement to gambling, JuicyBet promotes the idea that life may be a gamble, but the rewards from betting shouldn’t be.

5. CoWager
As a Telegram bot, CoWager represents a novel approach to betting, simplifying the process to be as easy as chatting, eliminating the need for multiple apps or websites.

6. Normies (NFT community betting)
Utilizing easy-to-understand technology, Normies introduces new utilities for community members to share resources and make collaborative decisions.

7. BookieBot
Integrated directly into Telegram, BookieBot offers a seamless sports betting experience on this popular messaging platform.

8. HausBot
Another Telegram bot, HausBot serves as a gateway to the world of decentralized sports betting, leveraging the platform’s accessibility and reach.

9. Gamblr
A non-custodial gambling application where users have complete control over their money at every stage of the betting process.

10. BoxBet
This Telegram bot offers turbocharged sports betting, enabling users to start betting in less than 60 seconds.

11. BetIT
A cutting-edge sports betting Telegram bot powered by Azuro and Overtime Markets, BetIT simplifies betting on three different blockchains, making it more accessible and straightforward.

12. Merit Circle (COMING SOON)
A decentralized autonomous organization aiming to revolutionize gaming and build the metaverse by empowering people to actively participate in it.

13. Mask Network (COMING SOON)
This DApp brings the benefits of Web3 to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, using an open-source browser extension to enhance privacy and functionality.

Each of these DApps offers a unique approach to betting and gaming, demonstrating the versatility and innovation made possible through their connection with Azuro’s decentralized betting protocol.

Join the Azuro community today and discover the future of on-chain betting.

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