OKP4 NODE Installation

Nunoy Nungning
3 min readDec 28, 2022


Setting up your validator node by following step by step instructions.

What is OKP4 ?

OKP4 is a revolutionary public PoS layer 1 specifically designed to enable communities to trustlessly share data, algorithms and resources to build the Dataverse

The OKP4 protocol enables stakeholders to create Data Spaces where they can input their raw data without it being directly accessible to other members. Thanks to algorithms, new knowledge can be created by merging the data and extracting KPI’s for all uses.

The OKP4 protocol uses Blockchain technology to manage the sovereignty within the Data Spaces that will be sealed through Smart Contracts. And the KNOW token is the means of payment within the network.




How to Install OKP4 and Run Your Validator Node

In this tutorial I will give you the strategy to become an active validator.
If you still haven’t launched your node on OKP4, you can follow my tutorial

Let’s go …

Chain Detail

You can follow a visual guide to the below steps here:

There are two ways to install a validator node:

  1. Manual Install : this is a manual process to set up and install node
    for Step please follow : OKP4 Manual Install from github
  2. Script Install: this requires downloading a script and auto install node.
    for Step please follow : OKP4 Script Install from github

Steps Manual Install

Now, we will be going through the necessary steps to set up the validator node. The commands in the script below create a new user named validator so that we run our commands through this user instead of using the root user, to mitigate any possible security vulnerabilities.
Note: The commands below should be run as root

Setting Up Development Environment
Install OKP4 App

Good luck to you all



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